Office is closed this week

For those that don’t know, we lost a great man over the weekend. Our caretaker, Dave passed away on Saturday.

We have closed the office for the family to have some privacy. Please do not call the house or come to the office til we have given the okay to open it back up.

If you are wanting to renew dues now, please mail them to me at DCFG PO BOX 1565 Owensboro, KY 42302. They are $80.00 to renew. If you want the membership card mailed to you, please send in a self addressed stamped envelope to the address above and I will send your card to you. Please give us 2 weeks to send those cards back to you. If you want to pick up your card once we open then just mail in your check to me. You will have til March 31st to pay to avoid the late fee.

Thank you for your patience.