President’s Corner

There are size and limit restrictions on some of the fish in the lake there are signs posted with this information around the lake. Please follow the size and limit restrictions, remember it’s the law. Reminder: You are not allowed to shoot shotguns of any size on the rifle range (exception when using deer slugs for sighting in during deer season) , also no fully auto firearms are allowed, only paper targets are allowed on the rifle range. We have also banned the use of tinnerite or any other binary explosive on the rifle range. Anyone caught violating these rules faces a very real possibility of losing your membership.

A Few Rules to Remember:

  1. Always observe the speed limits (25 mph coming in until you get to the gate, 10 mph once you past the gate) while on the farm and watch out for the kids.
  2. Remember when entering the farm the road that runs in front of the house is a “one way” coming in and the road in front of the shower house is a “one way” going out.
  3. Golf carts can be operated by a licensed driver only and if driven at night they must have both head lights and tail lights, all occupants must be seated.
  4. The campgrounds are open, there has been some changes made in the camping fees and a couple of rule changes. Stop the farm house and reveiw them at anytime.