About Us

The purpose of the Daviess County Fish and Game are purely charitable and educational in nature and dedicated to the following:

  1. to support comprehensive educational programs based on scientific study and technical research for the advancement, restoration, intelligent use, management, and conservation of our fish and wildlife and other natural resources.
  2. to promote conservation and wise use of fish and wildlife and all natural resources found in the commonwealth of kentucky.
  3. to promote sportsmanship and to associate sportsmen together for their common good.
  4. to cooperate with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources in the administration of its programs.
  5. to promote activities that will inculate in the youth of our commonwealth, the principles of sportsmenship and appreciation of the value of sound conservation practices.
  6. to stimulate and instill a proper public attitudes and appreciation in the wise use of our fish and wildlife, wildlife habitat, other natural resources and the value and importance of all our natural resources.