Application Process

  1. Applicant’s name should be main cardholder’s name. Only one membership card will be issued per family.
  2. Make sure to write your hunting and/or fishing license number down on the application. This will slow down your application process if not included on the application.
  3. On “Sponsored by” line, write down any friend or family member who is currently a member of the Fish & Game.
  4. DO NOT SEND any fees in with your application.
  5. Mail your application to the PO Box on top right of application or bring it to the farm house.
  6. You may be put on a waiting list for membership approval. We keep all applications on file.
  7. Your application will be presented to the Board of Directors for approval, once approved you will receive a congratulations letter in the mail. (usually takes at least a week to receive)
  8. Bring the congratulations letter to the farm house or mail it to the same address you mailed the application and your card will be issued then.
  9. First year dues are $90.00, then $65.00 every year after that.

Membership includes

  • Swimming, fishing, use of rifle and archery range
  • Camping fees are $9.00 a night in electric sites and $4.00 per night in the primitive sections.
  • Campers are to report to the farm house after they have chosen their site, caretakers will give the member the tag. The tag must be visible on your camper at all times.
  • Campers don’t pay until the day you check out. Campers are responsible for taking all trash from your site to the dumpster.
  • Visitors can visit for $1.00 a day, please check in at the farm house.
  • Visitors can not be from Daviess, Hancock or Spencer counties.

Application Instructions